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Zentech, Inc.
14800 St. Mary's Lane, Suite 270
Houston, TX 77079

tel: (281) 558-0290
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Zentech, Inc.
Zentech, Inc.
Engineering Solutions

An engineering consulting company, Zentech, Inc., is headquartered in Houston and employs a variety of experienced engineers, naval architects, and professionals, who specialize in providing services to the offshore oil and gas, marine, construction and renewable energy industries.

Founded by Ramesh Maini in 1978 as an engineering consulting firm for the offshore oil and gas industry, the company has grown vastly in number of employees and scope and range of services. Today, Zentech employs more than 180 professionals worldwide. Zentech also has major international offices in Cuernavaca (Mexico), Sharjah (U.A.E.), Chennai and Mumbai (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Zentech’s extensive experience with semisubmersibles, jack-up drilling units, barges, drillships, fixed offshore platforms, fabrication yards, floating production systems, risers and pipelines allows it to solve complex technical problems in the offshore oil and gas industry efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. With its global presence, Zentech can provide services and speedy solutions around the clock, covering various time zones and thus ensuring that it is the clear leader in providing innovative engineering solutions to the upstream oil and gas and renewable energy industries as well as being the employer of choice for engineering professionals.

Zentech’s engineering solutions include innovative and proprietary designs, services for detailed and front-end engineering design, construction and project management as well as software enabled services that relates to asset integrity management (ZAIMS) and load, stability and onboard mooring advisory for offshore floating vessels like jack-up rigs, semisubmersibles, drillships, spars and tension-leg platforms (TLPs). All of this provides customers with exponential capabilities on a wide variety of drilling rigs and vessels in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Committed to delivering value to its worldwide client base through safely completed exceptional work that is on time and on budget, Zentech always strives to demonstrate commitment and integrity with its clients, employees and stakeholders. This strong leadership and innovative culture creates a superior, safe and healthy working environment for all.
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