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Phonoscope Global, Inc.
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Phonoscope Global, Inc.
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In the early ’50s when the world only had analog telephone lines and presentational television was getting started, the Phonoscope device was created as a “live” interactive two-way audio/video communication connection (the forerunner of videoconferencing and broadband). This technology revolutionized the way people communicated then and established the communications platform of the future.

A pioneer of innovation in the mid-’70s, Phonoscope was the first to begin to build a commercial telecommunications network that would use light encased in glass to transmit vast amounts of data, known as fiber optic transport. By the early ’80s, Phonoscope had completed the first 100-percent pure light fiber optic network ring around the Houston metro area.

Sixty years later the network has grown by thousands of miles and hundreds of rings to transport bidirectional data at more than 50 Terabytes per second and is considered the largest private Metro 100-percent pure light fiber optic network in the country.

Phonoscope was granted Public Communications Utility rights for voice and video communications and has selected to dedicate its foot print growth to Texas and specifically to the density of eight counties that make up the Greater Houston area. As a company Phonoscope continues to build the future with provisions to stay ahead of evolving technology that will serve commercial growth needs and improve the quality of life in the home. Business services are provided by Phonoscope Global® for connections within the network footprint and beyond.

Residential Services that build Fiber-To-The-Home are delivered by Phonoscope Fiber Communications™. From the Network Operations Center that is open and available by phone on a 24-hour a day, year-round schedule to the expertise of the in-house engineering team and experienced construction crews, the entire network is operated, controlled and maintained by a team of dedicated individuals that live, work and pay taxes in Greater Houston.

Phonoscope Global® serves Greater Houston for connections within the network footprint and to all global connections in partnerships with other carriers. Business services include dedicated connectivity point to point and point-multipoint, small to large bandwidth from 1mgbs, 100 Gig and Terabyte capacity, and all IP products including Voice and Video. Communication solutions are customized for Industrial, Educational, Medical, Business and Residential campus. Transport on a wholly owned private vast and dense network provides the most reliable, secure and fast connections provided by a team of dedicated caring experts that take pride in the success of each customer. Sarah Schlager, President, stresses “Phonoscope Global’s focus is customer care.”

Phonoscope Fiber Communications™ delivers to the single home and multi-tenant residential market dedicated bandwidth gateways for delivery of symmetrical vast amounts of bandwidth that will provide the fastest Internet possible. IP Phone, IP Television and innovative products with the “Phonoscope Lightcar™” (two-way visual communication) provide Telemedicine, School/Teacher connections and overall more entertainment that anyone can stand. Communications technology in the home is rapidly changing and Fiber-to-the-Home is the future. With the Phonoscope network backbone the needs of the future are delivered now.

Phonoscope Fiber Communication’s service is unparalleled; Sarah Schlager, President
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