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Madison Lily Rugs
1727 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, TX 77056

tel: (713) 338-2803

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Madison Lily Rugs
Woven, Together

Drawn from artistic vision, formed by the meditative hands of the weaver and made
from wool & silk—a rug is more than a simple furnishing. This intimate object unifies, softens, and protects a space. A rug is a room within a room; a space where we can be ourselves.

Working from hand carded, hand spun wool, weavers tie each knot, thread by thread, in a custom that is centuries old. High Mountain Tibetan Wool and Chinese Silk are woven together to create an exclusive collection curated by principle designer and founder Edgar Podzemny, incorporating 20 years of focus on aesthetic and craft. Close collaboration with skilled artisans in India and Nepal allows for each Madison Lily rug to be tailored to the needs of an individual space.

A Madison Lily rug is like a recording. It is a link between the utility of antiquity and the beauty of the present moment, moving effortlessly between tradition and style.


Madison Lily merges contemporary technology with time honored weaving techniques, to create bespoke rugs for clients who have exacting and specific tastes. From abstract expressionism to bold geometry, contemporary patterns to traditional Oushak motifs, each rug is a delicate translation of art into wool & silk.

The hand of the weaver is evident in the threads, each knot a careful and distinct moment of color. Madison Lily’s bespoke pieces bring inspiration together with principle designer, Edgar’s artistry and knowledge.

Each year Madison Lily releases two unique collections in the Spring and Fall. Anticipated by interior designers, Madison Lily’s latest works do not simply react to trends, but reflect Edgar’s ongoing interest in the marriage of tradition with contemporary art and design. These heirloom rugs record the present moment while preserving centuries of precedent.
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