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Cal Dive International, Inc.
2500 City West Boulevard, Suite 2200
Houston, TX 77042

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Cal Dive International, Inc.
Carefully Planned, Safely Executed

Since 1975, Cal Dive International has provided essential marine contracting services to support the oil and natural gas infrastructure throughout production life cycles. Through its strategic acquisitions and selective recruiting, it has become the market leader in offshore integrated solutions. Cal Dive’s diversified nature of services and enormous resource base allows it to provide a full range of solutions for offshore construction and diving projects.

Specializing in manned saturation diving, derrick, pipelay and pipe-burial services for major players and providers throughout the oil and natural gas industry, Cal Dive’s diversified services are backed by an extensive fleet. Providing a full complement of saturation diving up to 1,000 feet deep, its technically advanced fleet and portable diving systems boast features, such as dynamic positioning, hyperbaric rescue chambers, multichamber systems for split-level operations and moon-pool deployment. Other vessels in the fleet are dedicated to pipelay and pipe-burial services down to 800 feet and derrick services.

Cal Dive’s solid foundation and worldwide success are attributed to its planned evolution through acquisitions of reputable, well-established marine-construction companies and consistent retention of knowledgeable and experienced personnel. Today, Cal Dive operates on the Gulf of Mexico OCS and off the Northeastern United States, Latin America, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, India and the Mediterranean region with more than 1,000 full-time personnel. The diverse capabilities and advanced technical skills of Cal Dive’s employees enable it to manage turnkey projects while ensuring on-time performance.

Cal Dive has never wavered from fostering visionary leadership, principled business practices, innovative services and talented and committed employees at all levels and worldwide locations. Not only is Cal Dive committed to being the world’s largest marine diving contractor, it is also the safest, with core values focusing on commitment to the environment, health and safety, operational excellence, teamwork through transparency and mutual respect and family values.
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