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Northwoods Catholic School
5500 F.M. 2920
Spring, TX 77388

tel: (281) 350-0300
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Northwoods Catholic School
Founded in 1999, Northwoods Catholic School offers a uniquely exceptional private Catholic education to students in Grades PK–3, with gender-specific educational classes. Grades K–5 participate in gender-separate classes. The highly accredited curriculum at Northwoods Catholic School challenges and prepares every student for their highest academic potential. Northwoods’ graduates are well equipped for college-preparatory high schools and know that their personal formation has only just begun.

Northwoods is built upon the principles and foundations of the Catholic faith and utilizes the proven method of Integral Formation® (Intellect, Human Character, Spiritual Life and Apostolic Capacity), which educates the whole person through a comprehensive system utilizing the education principles of the Legionaries of Christ.

Students learn and grow in an environment that encourages faith, service, compassion for others and healthy peer relationships and friendships. The supportive faith community at Northwoods gives students the motivation and courage to pursue their own talents. The end result is an authentic Christian leader who continues to live out the school’s motto: Semper Altius, which means “Always Higher.”

Each student at Northwoods Catholic School is given personal attention, as teachers partner with parents to assist and guide children toward reaching their full potential and becoming leaders. The mission to teach the mind, educate the heart and form the character fosters a complete, integral formation of young people in cooperation with their parents. With this philosophy, Northwoods provides society with motivated, self-confident and constructive Christian leaders prepared for and committed to transforming society.

Located just north of Houston in Spring, Texas, Northwoods Catholic School is accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department and is affiliated with the Archdioceses of Galveston-Houston. Northwoods Catholic School operates under the auspices of the Texas Education Association.
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