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Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 500
Houston, TX 77046

tel: (713) 621-3550
fax: (713) 623-4357

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Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
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Houston’s Disaster Detectives.

Deductive reasoning and devotion to detail helped Sherlock Holmes unravel some of the greatest mysteries of his day. This fictional detective would have felt at home at Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. An international consulting and engineering firm, Rimkus gathers and analyzes scientific evidence to solve problems perplexing insurance companies, law firms, corporations and other clients worldwide.

“We’re called in when something bad happens—a fire, explosion or industrial incident, product or equipment failure, vehicle accident, natural disaster or hazardous emission,” explains Frank Culbertson, president and chief executive officer.

Using sophisticated computer tools, Rimkus’ technical teams recreate the event to determine what happened, why and who’s responsible. They also can assess damages and establish remediation costs. “Often, our clients are dealing with big-dollar insurance claims or lawsuits, ” Culberson says, “or they want to know what happened so they can prevent a recurrence.”

From offices in 31 cities, Rimkus tackles the most complex technical problems. Its 300-person staff includes representatives of all engineering disciplines as well as architects, environmental scientists, metallurgists, toxicologists, chemists and industrial hygienists.

We’re a one-stop shop,” Culbertson says. “That’s important, because solving complex problems may require multiple disciplines.”

Rimkus’ experts can provide credible testimony, in layman’s terms, in depositions, at court and in hearings. In addition, he company’s graphics division can produce photos, illustrations, models, videos and computer–generated 3-D animation to supplement oral and written reports.

Even Sherlock Holmes would be impressed.
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