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Chevron Corporation
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Chevron has been a company rooted in the business of exploring, developing and supplying energy for more than 125 years and is the second largest energy company in the United States. Every day the people of Chevron strive to find newer, smarter ways to power the world. We are committed to providing reliable, diversified energy supplies to meet growing demand in an environmentally responsible way.

Chevron’s Energy Technology Company, the research and development and technical services component of the company, is the first integrated technology company in the oil and gas industry to provide full R&D technology development capabilities and technology deployment to our upstream, downstream and emerging energy businesses.

We develop and advance energy technologies, digital and information technologies and promising new arenas of energy-related research in the United States. We continue to build a strong and diverse portfolio of renewable and alternative energy partnerships. We also invest in the country’s energy future by supporting various domestic research projects with select universities and institutions.

For example our research alliance with The University of Texas at Austin is already producing results in advancing the science of enhanced oil recovery (getting more oil out of the ground), and our BioEnergy Alliance with Texas A&M University is accelerating the production and conversion of crops for manufacturing ethanol and other biofuels from non-food cellulose sources.

The technological challenges are great, but at Chevron we know supplying the nation’s energy needs is an issue that must be addressed today and for years to come.
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